musée d'art contemporain
de Bordeaux

Richard Long

White Rock Line, 1990




limestone ; 20 x 150 x 4000 cm
terrace, second floor

This line of stone made on the spot was commissioned from the sculptor to mark the museum’s latest renovations in 1990. It is an 18 ton sculpture made of rag-stones (moellons), arranged on the floor in a predetermined rectangle. The pale limestone comes from the Bourg-en-Gironde quarries. It is the same stone as used for the construction of the Entrepôt and this reference to the site is intentional.

“I chose the line and the circle because they do the trick”, says the artist. This “mineral path” has great geometric rigour despite the hazardous chaos in the way the materials are piled up. It is an invitation to walk along the whole length of the work, based on a precept of Minimalist sculpture. For Long, too, walking invites reflection: “Walking is drawing time passing.”

Richard Long was born in 1945 in Bristol (UK). He lives and works in Bristol.
He made his very first outdoor works in 1964. His ideas are always executed in relation to a site. Apart from writings and photographs, the works he presents and produces in museums, galleries and collections are made with materials taken from nature.

The CAPC owns nine works by Richard Long: a circle and two stone lines, a “field” of stone of variable shape, three mural mud circles (two of which are in the restaurant) and a photographic diptych.
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