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28.02.2013 -> 04.12.2013

Think... and see

What criticism is telling us today

Lecture programme devised and presented by François Cusset.


François Cusset is inviting eight major intellectual figures to speak at the CAPC. Eight lecture-events, to experiment live the power of evocation, elucidation and revelation peculiar to contemporary critical thinking. Eight thinkers, to see the world differently by linking back up with the etymology of the word “theory”, theorein, which, for the Greeks, described an ability to see what is happening, what is coming to pass again. Eight voices to think about utopia, emotion, resemblance, sex, debt, the body, the brain, and politics in a new light.

François Cusset is a professor at the university of Paris Ouest Nanterre, former director of the Bureau du Livre Français, a radio commentator, and contributor to the written press. He is the author of several seminal essays, including French Theory and La Décennie/The Decade (La Découverte, 2003 and 2006 respectively). He has just written his first novel, which was published in autumn 2012 by P.O.L.: A l’abri du déclin du monde.


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