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Of some artists' publications

The Cdla collection

Of some artists' publications – the Cdla collection is an exhibition organised by the Centre des livres d’artistes – Cdla (Centre for Artists' Books) at Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche (87), in association with the Contemporary Art Museum – CAPC – in Bordeaux for whom this is a continuation of its programme dedicated to the Artist's book.


The Cdla is the only place in France dedicated exclusively to artists' publications. It is home to both a permanent exhibition and a conserved collection of over six thousand printed works produced between the end of the 1950s and today. It has been built up over about twenty years and is an integral part of the great French collections of artists' books along with the collection at
the National Library of France, which is the oldest, and that of the Kandinsky Library at the Pompidou Centre.

Based around a short text by the artist David Bellingham entitled Basic Forms, which is a kind of manifesto printed on both sides of a postcard,* the current exhibition brings together postcards, invitation cards, posters, books ... as well as newspapers, brochures,  files, magazines – some of which, strangely, were published as posters – and also simple and quite austere sheets of paper. So many different forms of print which artists have seized upon in order to circulate their work and their ideas, in different manners and in generous and often joyful proliferation.

Putting this exhibition together revealed different internal layers in this field, overlapping and overlying: a typology of artists' publications, a history of their dissemination since the beginning of the 1960s and a history of the Cdla collection and the encounters which generated it. "[…] the books enabled me to decentralize the art system" as Ida Applebroog said, writing about her publications.**

The exhibition brings together some pioneering artists in this field: Paul-Armand Gette, Henri Chopin, Ben Vautier, Jean Le Gac, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Dieter Roth, Maurizio Nannucci, Simon Cutts; and those of the following generation: Claude Rutault, Edmund Kuppel, Lefevre Jean Claude, Mirtha Dermisache, as well as younger artists who follow the line: Eric Watier, Jean-Pascal Flavien, Julien Bismuth and Jean-Jacques Rullier.  It presents a collection of works by herman de vries and his considerable publishing activities since the 1960s. A meeting with this artist, who is Dutch, born in 1931 and based in Eschenau, Germany, since 1970, proved to be decisive for the story of the Cdla collection and also, partly, for its orientation (it is the collection with the greatest number of the artist's printed works in France).

the card: a form of two pages
the folding card: a form of four pages
the print/poster: a form of one page
the book: a community of pages 

in : Benjamin Lignel, Ida Applebroog. Are you bleeding yet?, préface de Francine Prose,
la maison Red, New York, 2002. Page 160.

Curator : Didier Mathieu


-> Artist(s): David Bellingham, Alain Bernardini, Pierre Bismuth, Henri Chopin,Thomas A. Clark, Philippe Clerc, Sigfrid Cremer, Augusto de Campos, Simon Cutts, Jean Degottex, Mirtha Dermisache, herman de vries, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Michel François, John Furnival, Dora García, Pierre Garnier, Jochen Gerz, Paul-Armand Gette, Guerilla Girls, Raoul Hausmann, Ferdinand Kriwet, Edmund Kuppel, Robert Lax, Lefevre Jean Claude, Jean Le Gac, Laurent Marissal, Stuart Mills, Jonathan Monk, Maurizio Nannucci, Franz Mon, Jean-Jacques Rullier, claude rutault, Derek Sullivan, Timm Ulrichs, Ben Vautier, Wolf Vostell, Eric Watier.

-> Ground floor Gallery
-> Disabled access
-> Price: Museum Entrance, 6,50 € (full rate) ; 3,50 € (reduced rate)

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