musée d'art contemporain
de Bordeaux

Exhibition // Exhibition-Panoramic Table #1 //

28.02.2013 -> 21.04.2013

Raphaël Hefti

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For years, Raphael Hefti has been working on material procedures, handling and processing substances. Which creates surprising images and objects. Trained as an engineer, with an abiding interest in the way in which things are made as well as by what they are capable of doing, Hefti conducts pseudo-scientific experiments which challenge the mechanisms of industrial manufacture, and end up by diverting things from their original state. Once the mistake in the industrial process has been discovered, he pushes it to the point where it produces an aesthetic transformation, until the accident becomes a productive force. The results of this deviating research are presented in the exhibition.


Born in Switzerland in 1978, Raphael Hefti was trained in electronics before studying art, design and photography.

-> Curator(s): Alexis Vaillant, Chief Curator at the CAPC museum of contemporary art of Bordeaux

-> Galerie Foy, ground floor
-> Disabled access
-> Price: Entrance of the museum : 5 €, 2,50 € (reduce rate)

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