musée d'art contemporain
de Bordeaux

Exhibition // Exhibition-Panoramic Table #1 //

28.02.2013 -> 21.04.2013

Philip Newcombe


Philip Newcombe subtly alters everyday objects devoid of any interest, creating, through the manipulations he makes in relation to their original function, a whole host of possible narratives. Like a beach ball deflating or a folded piece of paper carried in a back pocket, these objects go beyond the exhibition’s space/time-frame. Some are erected as performative monuments, like the fact of sucking a gobstopper or dropping a piece of thread. They are at times elusive, but Philip Newcombe’s objects are nevertheless still concerned with communicating directly and intimately with the onlooker.


Born in Germany in 1970, Philip Newcombe lives and works in London. His recent works have been exhibited in London, Rotterdam, Paris, Melbourne and Bordeaux.

-> Curator(s): Alexis Vaillant, Chief Curator at the CAPC museum of contemporary art of Bordeaux

-> Galerie Foy, ground floor
-> Disabled access
-> Price: Entrance of the museum : 5 €, 2,50 € (reduce rate)

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