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Workshop // Online programme //

07.12.2020 -> 11.12.2020


As part of the exhibition "The Doldrums"

From 7 to 11 December, the CAPC has invited the Dirty Art Foundation to parasitise Samara Scott’s exhibition. Palacon, the performative social sculpture that will result from this one-week workshop led by young graduates of the Dirty Art Department of the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, with the collaboration of the école supérieure des beaux-arts de Bordeaux, will be transformed into a collective and utopian experience using a scenography of dissidence in which the onion will take pride of place.



Guest Artists: Elise Ehry (clothing), Daría Galabriel (music), Anna Reutinger (display).
With the cooperation of Venus Berry (song).


Palacon is a performance of what lives beneath the unturned rock, the underworld of Samara Scott’s sky, the roots of the forest, the rest of the iceberg, an inverted tower of babel where we still speak the same language of longing for a new world. Palacon uses one material in abundance – onions – to create a scenography of dissent from the world outside, momentarily forging a self-sustaining community who weeps and sings while they go about their daily chores.

A cast of young creepy crawlies are busy singing the laments of the old world, cooking soup, brewing a new shade of green, and building a terrain in which all can gather. One language is spoken and one goal is summoned – rebuilding a world which has fallen apart.

Palacon means ‘palaces’ in Esperanto, the language of hope and unification. Esperanto will be the language in which all performers communicate and sing. The lyrics of these songs, written by Daría Galabriel, are descriptions of patriarchal architectures and their destruction, with calls to action to rebuild together another palace far from the old world. 

The onion has been used for apotropaic purposes (to ward off evil) across many cultures, and is a symbol for eternity, togetherness, and a search for hidden truth. The word ‘onion’ derives from the Latin ‘unio’ which means ‘unity’ or ‘oneness’.

This project, that will take place behind closed doors until the CAPC is able to welcome its public once more, will be shown all throughout the week on our social networks and a restitution taking on the shape of a film will be presented following the workshop.

Project in collaboration with ebabx - école supérieure des beaux-arts de Bordeaux [Bordeaux School of Fine Arts] and with the participation of the school’s students, Lina Maria Benmoussa, Anaëlle Cassagne, Juliette Fertin, Irena Li et Quentin Ribeiro ; the association Alumni and the Friends of ebabx.

Palacon crew is also : Leandro Barzabal (sound designer), Antonin Blanchard (cook), Louise Nicolas de Lamballerie (cook), Perrine Le Guennec (song), Kaspar Molzberger (driver), Margaux Parillaud (video).  


Special thanks to the Jardin Botanique de Bordeaux, and to Philippe Richard, Jean-Luc Martineau, Daniel Barthou for their help and collaboration.

Thanks to the Muséum de Bordeaux and the musée d’Aquitaine.


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Venus Berry
As a graduate of the Masters degree DNSEP Art from the ebabx - école supérieure des beaux-arts de Bordeaux [Bordeaux Superior School of Fine Arts], Anouk Allard is a young artist and musician/composer living and working in Bordeaux. She works with visual arts as well as sound. Anouk Allard asserts her taste for the absurd and for mystery through her paintings, her automatic texts and her playful installations. Recently, she has dedicated herself completely to her music project “Venus Berry”.

Elise Ehry
Elise Ehry (b. 1991, Mulhouse) lives in Paris and works in Saint-Denis. She is a graduate of the Ecole Duperré, Paris and of the Sandberg Instituut of Amsterdam. Her works focus on the creation of feminine figures evolving in a fictive story. Her performances made up of videos and costumes deal with individuals whose existence is anchored in the tertiary sector. In this way, she questions the alienation generated by the service sector and the way in which it modifies social and individual realities.
Her creations have been shown in the Netherlands (Het Resort, Gröningen; Het Nieuw Institutut, Rotterdam; Deborah Bowmann, Amsterdam), in France (Palais de Tokyo and Glassbox, Paris), in Italy (MACAO, Milan) and in Argentina (Bùm Galeria, La Plata).

Daría Galabriel 
Initially trained in philosophy, Daría Galabriel decided to complete her tuition with a course at the ebabx - école supérieure des beaux-arts de Bordeaux [Bordeaux Superior School of Fine Arts]. Her work articulates itself through language and symbolic analysis and bases itself on political grounds such as capitalist architecture that she casually ends up diverting. To this end, the artist and musician uses several forms: artisanal weaving, illustration, writing and performance. On this occasion, Daría joins forces with the eccentric collective of the Dirty Art Foundation, proposing a musical performance around the fictional collapse of the patriarchy.

Anna Reutinger 
Anna Reutinger (b. 1991, California) is based between Brussels and Berlin. Reutinger’s sculpture and installation work proposes a return to craft in defiance of capitalist production cycles and as a seed for social, material and environmental empathy. Oscillating between incidental and intentional gestures, she uses waste and found material to expose the transitory nature of things and beings, and their interconnection. She is an associate professor in the Dirty Art Department at the Sandberg Instituut where she also received her M.A. in 2016 after a B.A. in Design Media Arts and Digital Humanities at UCLA in 2013. Her work has been exhibited at W139, Amsterdam, NL; the Saint Etienne Biennale, FR; Jedna DVA Tři Gallery, Prague, CZ; KlaraKiss Zipspace, Zurich, CH; Macao Milan, IT; Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, NL; De Fabriek, Eindhoven, NL; The Hammer Museum and The Getty Center, Los Angeles, US.


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