musée d'art contemporain
de Bordeaux

Laurent Le Deunff


Trois sculptures appartenant à la série Matelas, 2009


Gift of the artist , 2010

Wooden sculpture depicting a mattress
Construction timber, threaded rods, bolts
22.5 x 200 x 82 cm

As a graduate of the Bordeaux School of Fine Arts, since 2001,  Laurent Le Deunff  has taken part in several group shows, and was a guest of the CAPC as part of a new cycle of artist residencies titled 44°50’54N / 0°34’19W.

Mattresses was shown in July 2009 at the 3rd  Biennale d’art contemporain du Littoral d’Anglet.     The artist made a gift to the  CAPC of three  Mattresses and thus rounded off the permanent loan of four other sculptures on wood from the series Totems.

Between craftsman-like praxis and Pop Art revisited, Laurent  Le  Deunff’s Mattresses play with and hijack the perception we have of this object in our everyday surroundings.  So different types of mattresses, inflatable, with springs and foam rubber, are shrewdly sculpted on construction timber.  The rendering of the stitches, the form of the air cushions and the format of the sculpture perfectly illustrate the mattress used by campers, and those which protect our nights!   But wood, which the artist is fond of, shatters this illusion of form in favour of a contradictory effect.  The subtleness of the mattress gives way to the rigidity of wood.  The inclusion of these sculptures in the CAPC collections is evidence of the vitality of the young art scene in Bordeaux.
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