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Both a museum and laboratory for contemporary art, the CAPC – one of the museums of Bordeaux – is open and receptive to collaboration with businesses.
Becoming a benefactor or partner enables you to support CAPC projects.


Why go into partnership with the CAPC?
Associating your firm’s image with a museum of contemporary art with a strong media presence is an original way for you to boost public relations with clients and staff.

Like business, contemporary art is a receptive terrain, exploring tomorrow’s trends and issues. The CAPC succeeds in playing host to and sharing the beauty and magic of the location – the Entrepôt Lainé – its reference points on art, and its enthusiasm for the artists.

By supporting contemporary art, you’ll also enable your colleagues and their families to explore new visions and learn about the leading-edge artists. This is an opportunity to learn, share, and confront one’s emotions outside the usual working environment.

But beyond this, the CAPC offers to share its values with businesses: an interest in creativity, tuned into innovation and tomorrow’s trends, a commitment to the future.

Different types of commitment
Depending on your activity, your strategy and your means, you can choose to back an exhibition, the acquisition or restoration of an artwork, the CAPC’s cultural programme and its teaching activities.

On the basis of the French law of 2003, you may deduct from your taxes a sum equal to 60% of the sum paid, and not exceeding 0.5% of the turnover. Matching contributions from the CAPC can equal up to 25% of the sum paid.

Sponsorship of an event:
Sponsorship costs are deductible as operating expenses.

Public relations partnership:
Whether a mainstream or specialist backer, you can exchange advertising spaces during an event of your choice.

In each of the three cases, the CAPC offers a return that will boost your networking and your public relations. Visibility of your logo on all the publicity media (press kit, posters, website, Partners’ hall, public information documents...), publicity spin-offs, availability of advertising spaces, courses on the history of art, private tour of the museum,...
These are decided upon jointly, and are put into a written agreement.
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