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For over ten years, the non-profit association of the Amis du CAPC (Friends of the CAPC) has been accompanying the contemporary art museum of Bordeaux in its actions and initiatives: the enrichment of its collection as well as the financial support brought to exhibitions and to the development of cultural and educational programmes. The association has always sought to create a strong and durable bond between the CAPC and its members by enabling encounters with professionals of the art world.


With private artistic events, in the company of curators and artists, and many priviledges reserved for its members, the association supports the museum on a daily basis, raising funds to buy artworks for the collection, whilst also financing the online development of the archives. The association is a regular contributor to the museum’s cultural activities, supporting the publication of exhibition catalogues and proposing talks with committed collectors, open to all.

As well as regular collaborations and talks with international artists (Thomas Hirschhorn, Fischli & Weiss, Xavier Veilhan, etc.), the Friends of the CAPC also offer trips abroad to discover foreign private collections (London, Venice, Turin, Berlin, Lisbon, Istambul, etc.) and many events in collaboration with the museum.

As well as annual visits to the FIAC and artists’ workshop, meetings with art collectors, tours of great vineyards and trips abroad to discover neighbouring cultural institutions, the Friends of the CAPC also organise several high-profile events at the Lainé Warehouse to raise funds to continue its artwork acquisition policy and support of the museum’s cultural programme.


Become a Support Member for 300 € a year (400€ for a joint membership)
You will benefit from:
• a membership card that gives you free unlimited access to all of the exhibitions (two cards if it is a joint membership)
• free access to all of the museum’s cultural events (history of art classes, conferences, screenings, performances, concerts, etc.)
• the mention of your name on the Friends of the CAPC list (unless specified otherwise)
• the CAPC newsletter
• one exhibition catalogue per year
• private tours with the exhibition curators and lunch conferences in the company of artists
• invitation to the exhibition openings and VIP dinners
• cultural visits elsewhere
• a tax deduction of 66% of your donation (if based in France) – a real cost of 102 € for your 300 € membership

NEW! Special offer for those under the age of 35
Become a Young Friend of the CAPC for 150 € a year
You will benefit from all of the advantages of the Support Members

NEW! Special offer for families
Become a Family Friend of the CAPC for 500 € a year
You will benefit from all of the advantages of the Support Members, with a membership card for each member of the family (limit of 5 cards)


Become a Benefactor Member for 1.500 € a year
You will benefit from:
• all of the privileges of the Support Members
• two extra membership cards to offer to the persons of your choice
• the possibility of appearing on the annual list of benefactors of the museum
• specific conditions for the acquisition of artists’ editions
• receiving a personal welcome
• personalised tours (on request)
• a tax deduction of 66% of your donation (if based in France) – a real cost of 510 € for your 1500 € membership


Become a Partner Member, by joining with your business (from 1.500€ a year)
You will benefit from:
• all of the privileges of the Support and Benefector Members
• the rental of museum spaces at a preferential rate
• a private guided tour for a group of 20 persons maximum
• the possibility of appearing as a sponsor of the Friends of the CAPC
• and fiscal advantages linked to businesses based in France (the sum can be entirely deduced from the charges, in the limit of 0,5‰ of your turnover)


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