musée d'art contemporain
de Bordeaux

Dewar & Gicquel, Mick Peter, Agnes & Aiden Fynch


The Adobe Gang, 2009
Modular Sculpture (Blueberries, Runner Beans, Borage, Raspberries), 2009
Expanded Composition n°6, 1986-2009

Gift of the  artists, 2010

Colour photographs
Silver print

This set of six photographs encompasses the works of  Dewar & Gicquel, Aiden and Agnes Fynch and Mick Peter.  Juxtaposed side by side by the artists for the exhibition  Insiders--usages, pratiques et savoir-faire at the CAPC, they were keen to make a gift of this set to the museum.  The photograph by Dewar & Gicquel illustrates the staging in nature of a figurative composition formulated from bodies, clay, stone and resin.   Mick Peter reappropriates the serial and modular compositions of the Minimalists with a dash of wit, while Aiden and Agnes Fynch revisit the pictorial anecdote with a “still life”-like composition.   

The photograph helps the artist to keep a necessary and sufficient distance between the lyricism of the content peculiar to amateur practices and the reproducible images which they create.

For this set to be able to be once again exhibited as such, the artists have decided to give these prints to the CAPC collection, which is thus able to go on enriching its stock using works exhibited and/or produced during the major shows in the nave.
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