musée d'art contemporain
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Christian Boltanski

Pour mémoire, 1974


Documents and objects that have belonged to Christian Boltanski: photographs, letters, drawings, objects, display case.

North-East staircase, between the mezzanine and the terrace

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In 2005, the artist chose the CAPC as the depositary for documents and objects “that had belonged to him”. Would these have been the artist’s personal belongings? This is about the artist’s individual mythology as well as serving its usual purpose as an inventory.

In Boltanski’s work, interspersed as it is with questions of memory and identity, individuals lost in collective history continue to exist thanks to a name, a humble photo, a few traces of existence. The place allocated for this work (and to the memory of the artist) is a small closed room with a tiny window in its door, on the North-East staircase of the Entrepot – the former colonial warehouse.

Christian Boltanski was born in Paris in 1944; he works in Malakoff.
In 1974, he staged an exhibition entitled Pour mémoire – “For the record” - in several locations in Bordeaux, including the CAPC. In 1990, the CAPC acquired two artworks, an Inventaire photographique – a Photographic inventory – from 1973, and a major piece, the Inventaire des objets ayant appartenu à une jeune fille de Bordeaux – or Inventory of objects that belonged to a young girl from Bordeaux – compiled especially for the exhibition celebrating the reopening of the museum.
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