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Devised and jointly produced by the CAPC musée and the Bordeaux School of Fine Arts, the six-monthly web magazine “Rosa B” is a forum dedicated to research and reflection, which broaches and questions the different current issues of contemporary art. Unlike a traditional publication, each new issue of this on-line magazine encompasses the specific nature of the computer medium. In its form and content it allows for multidisciplinarity by dovetailing theoretical writings and contributions with dynamic visual and audio propositions.


Each issue of Rosa B is devoted to a clearly defined theme, chosen and discussed by an editorial committee.

The first issue, Edit, devised by Thomas Boutoux, is dedicated to Publishing: a logical and necessary point of departure for the implementation of any new publication project in a world which we might well regard as already saturated with publications.

The second issue, Pop. Les strategies obliques/Oblique Strategies, coordinated by Yann Chateigné Tytelman, explores “pop”, a broad and complex fetish idea if ever there was.

The third issue, Format standard/Standard Format, edited by Patricia Falguières, proposes a line of thinking about graphics, typography, standards, and their use, with a focus on the consequences of digital innovation.
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