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16.05.2013 -> 08.09.2013

Platitude normale

David Lieske

Just one year before the Artist David Lieske (b. 1979) opened Mathew, a contemporary Art-Gallery in Berlin, he theatrically declared his lack of interest in continuing his own artistic production with the exhibition: "Style and Subversion 1979-2012" (Corvi-Mora , London 2012).

Now, The "Estate of David Lieske" manages the information and images that his work used to generate.
A practitioner in the broadest sense of the term, Lieske is also a musician and a producer of electronic music for Dial, the record label, he founded with Peter Kersten in 1999. By managing various careers, Lieske brilliantly confuses the classic identity of the artist and raises cultural, economic, social, abstract and political questions about the requirements of a hyper flexibilized post network capitalism that he finds himself operating in. Just as he announced with his show in 2008: "Everything the doesn't happen today, doesn't happen." (Galerie Buchholz 2008)

David Lieske was born in Hamburg in 1979.
He lives and works in Berlin, and has had recent exhibitions in Leipzig, New York, Berlin and Tel-Aviv.

-> Curator(s): Alexis Vaillant, Chief Curator at the CAPC museum of contemporary art of Bordeaux

-> Galerie Foy, ground floor
-> Disabled access
-> Price: Entrance of the museum : 5 €, 2,50 € (reduce rate)

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