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16.05.2015 -> 10.01.2016

L'Éternel dans l'instant

Andrée Putman at the CAPC

Andrée Putman made hers Charles Baudelaire's definition of modernity: "the eternal at this moment” her own. The designer reminds us that for Baudelaire, modernity is “never denying the past, but rather looking at it in another way,” and it is this principle that is at the heart of her work.  



For the CAPC contemporary art museum in Bordeaux, Andrée Putman conceived, between 1983 and 1990, the entire body of interior decoration and furnishing elements of the Entrepôt Lainé, a former industrial building completed in 1824. 

For this building with its austere facade and its immense volumes, the designer conceived, with the architects Denis Valode and Jean Pistre, an “architectural language” for the new installations based on minimalism and discretion. In this way, she gave this exceptional edifice its timeless quality, the calm permanence which makes it the perfect showcase for its new purpose: a venue for contemporary art.  

Andrée Putman's desks, consoles, tables with triple tilting planes, bookshelves with removable stands, screens, lighting fixtures, etc. specially created for the CAPC musée d'art contemporain de Bordeaux, occupy all of the spaces in the museum, whether public or private. Her signature set of furnishings bear the mark of a timeless spareness intrinsically connected to this building which, still today, gives this museum its highly original identity and whose daily use make of the venue itself a sort of permanent exhibition. 

Intended to be like a parade, the exhibition, L'Éternel dans l'instant, conceived in homage to the woman interior architect and designer, proposes a walk through this splendid world in which rigor, elegance and emotion describe this eminent figure in the field of design's creation and attest to her inestimable contribution to the CAPC musée d'art contemporain and to the city of Bordeaux.


Associated curator : Martine Péan in collaboration with the CAPC's team
Scenography : Benedeta Monteverde


A richly illustrated book about the birth of this project is also available, whitnessing the straight collaboration between Andrée Putman and Jean Louis Froment. It is composed of various texts written by Jean Louis Froment,  María Inés Rodríguez and Martine Péan. 
Graphic design : Studio Tsulibros


Cultrural Program 
Rendez-vous are organized during the whole period of the exhibition. You can find more details about the rendez-vous on the right side of the screen. 


The "Fonds Andrée Putman"

It took Andrée Putman seven years to create this remarkable set of furnishings and to design its unique installation in the Entrepôt Lainé, a site specific design project that takes into consideration the architectural sobriety of the space and makes homage to the aesthetic and ecological environment of the venue. The work site for the renovation and restoration of the Fonds Andrée Putman was begun in 2015 for the exhibition L’éternel dans linstant with the collaboration of Ecart and the Services Techniques de la Ville de Bordeaux.

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The exhibition "L'éternel dans l'instant" is supported by The Friends of CAPC, ECART International and Air France.


-> Galerie Foy, 2nd floor
-> Disabled access
-> Price: Museum Entrance, 6,50 € (full price) ; 3,50 € (reduced price)

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