musée d'art contemporain
de Bordeaux


04.11.2021 -> 26.03.2022

Le Club du Poisson-Lune

With: Carla Adra, Maurane-Amel Arbouz, Angélique Aubrit et Ludovic Beillard, Aurilian, Flo*Souad Benaddi, Maxime Bichon, Camille Benbournane, Deborah Bowmann, Camille Brée, Hugo Brillet, Elize Charcosset, Kevin Desbouis, Lyse Fournier, Esther Gatón, Kinke Kooi, James Lewis, Thiên-Ngoc Ngô-Rioufol, Samuel Nicolle, Claudia Pagès, Gina Pane, Emma Rssx, Segondurante, Haim Steinbach, Nikhil Vettukatil.


In 1967, at 94 rue Camille Sauvageau in Bordeaux, the “Poisson-Lune” opened. This small cabaret, where poetry readings, plays and exhibitions were on offer, was created on the initiative of a group of artist and poet friends led by Jean-Louis Froment, who would, in 1973, launch the Capc. To this day, no known records remain on this experimental venue, save for a few words on the Internet bearing witness to the brevity of the undertaking and the intensity of the energy deployed.

More than 50 years later, The Moonfish Club re-imagines the place. Here, fiction and poetry prevail over historical accuracy. Letting the “Moonfish” into the Capc is like falling into a time slip – like forcing a chicken to gobble up its egg.

To create this club, Deborah Bowmann, a duo of artists hailing from Bordeaux and recently installed in Brussels, was invited to design the scenography into four contiguous spaces – the Antechamber, the Lounge, the Smoking Room and the Stage. The sets serve as a backdrop for the work of 24 invited artists, and doubles as a reading, listening and conversation space for the members of the club – that is, for anyone who may enter.

Curator: Cédric Fauq


This exhibition benefits from the support of the Friends of the Capc.


-> Gallery, ground floor
-> Disabled access
-> Price: 7€ ; 4€ (reduced rate)

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