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Exhibition // As part of "Les Furtifs", artist’s residency //

24.06.2021 -> 02.01.2022

Kengné Téguia

BADABOUM (error system)

As an extension to their residency invitation at the Capc, Kengné Téguia is presenting BADABOUM (error system), their first solo show in France. Based on a new series of sound works, Kengné Téguia tells the tale of a ghost present in the Capc building. Making reference to horror movies and thrillers, the spectral presence communicates using French Sign Language (LSF), song, and acoustic, analog and digital technologies.


Related to their experimental activities, a complex ecosystem worked out by the artist is developed beyond the walls of the Capc, in particular in virtual space, thanks to the creation of a website.

The artist is proposing a trailer : Follow the link


Around the exhibition
As part of their exhibition BADABOUM (error system), KengnéTéguia has imagined an event during their show in which theywill have a discussion with an international d/Deaf artist orcurator.

Kengné Téguia (born in 1987, Orléans) is a Deaf Black cyborg HIV-positive artist, working “deafinitively” with sound.



Around Les Furtifs artist’s residency
Encouraged by Sandra Patron, Les Furtifs is a new residency programme at the Capc. It takes its name from Alain Damasio’s sci-fi novel of the same title, in which the furtive characters are beings made of flesh and sounds, with an extraordinary vitality, which, in their itinerary, metabolize stone, debris, animals and plants to fuel their ceaseless metamorphoses.The brief of this project is to upset the logic usually proposed to artists, consisting in receiving a predefined format which they must comply with. Initiated in January 2021 and coordinated by Marion Vasseur Raluy, the residency makes it possible to re-think the relation to artistic production by giving artists carte blanche with regard to the nature of the project undertaken, along with its time-frame and its development.


Assisted by the Capc team
The term ‘assisted’ has been chosen by the artist to describe the relation between an artist who is among other things Deaf, and a hearing team within a place frequented by able-bodied, non-disabled people.



-> 2nd floor
-> Disabled access
-> Price: 7€ ; 4€ (reduced rate)

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