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01.12.2018 -> 06.01.2019


An exhibition by Alexandra Midal

Drive-in is a site-specific event-exhibition in the nave of the museum that will let the visitors relive the collective experience of outdoor film screenings.



Based on the ‘figures of the extreme’ at the heart of the art-history lectures she has been giving for the past three years, the curator Alexandra Midal revisits the drive-in cinema, where families would view the latest box office hits sitting in their car and nibbling popcorn during intermissions.

As part of the research for her projects, Midal routinely watches scores of films on and around a given topic, often in fast forward mode and sometimes even simultaneously. These ‘movie marathons’ inspired her to create a series of visual essays, the first of which, Hocus-Pocus, is a fictional thriller whose storyline mixes magic and crime. After Politique-Fiction, Domestic Psycho I, Villa Frankenstein and Eames, An Atlas, Midal has produced three new visual theory films for CAPC musée exploring the radical social changes prompted by the Industrial Revolution. The essays will look at ghost objects and towns, mental manipulation through images, and the parallel development of serial murder and industrialisation through the life and work of Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, the United States’ first serial killer.

In collaboration with the designer Adrien Rovero, Midal has conceived a special scenography that revisits the social ritual of outdoor film screenings. It takes the shape of a double projection system that will be activated by performative interventions as part of special late-night events.

Installation : Adrien Rovero and Alexandra Midal


This exhibition receives the exceptional support 
of our Honorary patron, Château Haut-Bailly


Friday 30th November at 7 pm




Alexandra Midal is an independent curator. A professor at HEAD in Geneva, she combines curating with research in visual culture. She has curated the exhibitions Passe-Muraille (Nuit Blanche, MAM, Paris, 2004); François Curlet: Crème de singe (Nuit Blanche, Paris, 2004); Tomorrow Now: When Design Meets Science Fiction (MUDAM, Luxembourg, 2007); Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité (Wolfsonian FIU, Miami, 2012); Plasticarium (permanent exhibition, ADAM, Brussels); Eames & Hollywood (ADAM, Brussels, 2016); Popcorn: Art, Design and Cinema (MAMC, Saint-Étienne, 2017).

She was Director of the Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain de Haute-Normandie and the Design Project Room at HEAD in Geneva (Carlo Mollino, Marguerite Humeau, Auger-Loizeau, Superstudio, Noam Toran). Working with artists, researchers and curators, she has been developing new formats for thought in a series entitled Abecedarium presented at Museum of Decorative Arts (Paris), MoMA (New York) and Perez Art Museum (Miami).
Since 2009, she has also been developing a critical perspective on the history of ideas in a novel visual theory project that manifests itself as films, the Invisible Film Festival and a series of lectures, among others at CAPC musée since 2016.
She has published Antidesign, petite histoire de la capsule d’habitation en images [A Short History of the Housing Capsule in Pictures] (2003), Design. Introduction à l’histoire d’une discipline (2009), Politique-Fiction (2012) and Eames & Hollywood (2016) as well as essays in journals and catalogues for MoMA, MOCA, Centre Pompidou and others. Her upcoming books, Design by Accident (Sternberg Press) and La Manufacture du meurtre (Zones/Éditions La Découverte) will be published in late 2018.




-> Nave of the museum
-> Disabled access
-> Price: Museum Entrance: 7 €; 4 € (reduced price)

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