Exhibition // Exhibition-Panoramic Table #3 //

14.11.2013 -> 16.02.2014

Andra Ursuta

Andra Ursuta has been influenced by the traditional upbringing she received in her childhood. The sculptures and installations that she creates mix folklore, traditions and visions of female identity which are at odds with each other. Andra Ursuta’s sculptures, outrageous, obsessive, and borne along by an obscure symbolism and dark humour, are complex explorations of history, and popular and cultural identities.


Andra Ursuta was born in 1979 in Salonta, a small town on the border between Rumania and Hungary,  where the main landmark is the salami factory from the Communist era. She left Rumania in 1997, graduated from Columbia University in 2002, and now lives and works in New York.


-> Galerie Foy, Ground floor
-> Price: Entrance of the museum : 5 €, 2,50 € (reduce rate)
-> Disabled access